The Jewelry of Paparazzi Accessories
Q: Is the jewelry worth all the hype?
A: Absolutely, The jewelry is sooo cute.  It will change the way you look and feel.  All of your friends and family will want to know where you got all your wonderful pieces.  Once they find out the $5.00 price, good luck in keeping them out of your home!

Q: I know people who have sold jewelry at parties and other events. How is this any different? 

A: Not too long ago I went to a jewelry party hosted by one of my friends. When they took out the items I have to admit they were cute. Once I saw the price tag they lost all their appeal. I felt huge guilt leaving without purchasing a single item. But what could I do? I simply could not afford the jewelry. Paparazzi is different. Everything is $5.00. Time and time again people see the selection and keep asking, "are you sure this is only $5.00?"  You seriously have to try it to beleive it.

The business of Paparazzi Accessories Independent Consulting

I recommend checking the following link for paparazzi policies and procedures.http://www.paparazziaccessories.com/PDFs/policiesAndProcedures.pdf

Q: I would like to see the product or host a party before I join.
A: I completely understand. Because the company is so new I doubt there are any consultants in your area. If you are in the Finger lakes region of New York, or the northern tier of Pennsylvania I certainly can come and set up a party for you. If you are not local you could purchase a couple of items in order to check out the quality first hand.  But sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just go for it.

Q: What is the compensation plan for Paparazzi Accessories?

A: There are several layers and levels to effectively answer in a short space. The best way to create a successful business is to create a down line. You do not need to be a master recruiter. Once people see the amazing products and a new opportunity they will want to join. Please contact me and I can explain and/or send you a free brochure of the compensation plan. It is incredible! (It's also found on Paparazzi's web page here)

Q: When I order my inventory, how long will it take to receive my items?

A: They ship out of southern Utah via UPS. Paparazzi usually fills the order in 1-2 business days. You can visit UPS to see approximately how long it will take to arrive at your home.

Q: Is there a catalog?
A: There is not a catalog. With fashion changing constantly it makes it very difficult to have a catalog and keep it up to date. The Paparazzi website is the best resource to view current items to stock your inventory.

Q: Is everything really sold for $5.00? 
A: Yes, everything retails for just $5.00.  There are exceptions with the young girl items (which retail for $1 each).  The jewelry is not "cheap" quality.  The price is set low enough that you'll have women returning to your home for more and more.

Q: If I become a consultant of Paparazzi Accessories how much product do I need to purchase each month to maintain my "consultant" status?
A:  According to Paparazzi policies and proceedures "Order at least 200 PV (each accessory is considered 2 PV, so 100 accessories) of inventory within the previous twelve (12) consecutive calendar months."  To be considered "active" though, and receive commissions, you need to purchase a minimum of 50 PV each month which tiers 100 PV up as you grow your business.

Q: What is the compensation plan for Paparazzi Accessories?
A: There are several layers and levels to effectively answer in a short space.  For starters you will make up to 45% profit on every item you sell. There are other ways to earn additional income as well. Please contact me and I can explain and/or send you a free brochure of the compensation plan. It is incredible!

Q: How can I join and sell Paparazzi Accessories?

A: There are 2 simple ways to join Paparazzi Accessories and be a part of my team.  
1- Contact me and we will gather the necessary information needed to get you signed up.
2- You can click on
Follow the link and fill out the form with your information.  You will need a sponsor ID to join. If you would like to join my fabulous team you can use ID 2527  I would love to have you!